A.E.Landes Photography is an award-winning DC event photographer, delivering quality, artistic, and gorgeous photographs. Whether it is a large corporate event or an intimate wedding, Abram holds attention to detail and service. And with a photojournalistic approach and the ability to direct large group shots, he assures that your event’s photography will go smoothly and that you’ll end up with beautiful, unique, and lasting photographs for weddings, promotions, and corporate events.

Owned by Abram Landes, why does he do photography event and weddings here in the DC Metro area? 

“I enjoy the timelines, pace, and workspace that being a photographer gives me. Especially in an area like Washington DC and Northern Virginia, there are just so many rich opportunities to make photographs on Capitol Hill, at a rolling vineyard of Loudoun County, or on a hike along the Potomac River. I really cannot imagine a better job or location to make images.

“On another note, couples getting married in the D.C. area have a vibe and expectation that I don’t think other locations contain. Washington holds a special place in my couples’ hearts, because they tend to move from other parts of the country, and that coming to DC was the first step in finding each other. And then they meet at an incredible kick-ball league on the National Mall and fall in love. Even if they end up moving away, many come back to have their weddings here.

“And I love being a part of the photography community here, too. I feel like most photographers I encounter place community over competition, and that we push each others’ creativity and scope of what wedding photography is defined as. Washington DC is home to many winners of international wedding industry awards (like Fearless Photographers and the WPJA), and those competitions push every other photographer to rise to that level of creativity, quality, and service.”  - Abram

Reach out to Abram here (info@aelandesphotography.com) or through the Contact page here.