Photography FAQ.

Who are you?

My name is Abram Landes, and I am a Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer based in Springfield, VA, right outside Washington D.C. beltway. I got the photography fever at the age of 12, when I borrowed my dad’s Yashica 35mm and shot that all through high school and into college at Penn State. Though my degree is in antique printmaking and archaic ways to make images, I learned how to edit and shoot action at a wildlife studio. From there, A.E.Landes Photography was produced and relocated to the DC region.

Who do you photograph?

I photograph and display photos from all of my clients (unless specifically asked to keep them private), and I am proud to serve any couple as their wedding photographer regardless of religion, race, or sexual orientation. And if you don’t see anyone on my site with your specific background and style, you may be the lucky first!

Where do you photograph?

I am serving the greater Washington, D.C. Metro, Maryland, and Virginia area, which is close to home in Springfield, VA. There are so many scenic and unique opportunities in this area, including Capitol Hill, the vineyards of Northern Virginia, and the waterside towns in Maryland – just to name a few.

What style is your photography?

I enjoy photographing people having a great time and doing what they love (without ‘photography’ being the center of attention), so that lends itself towards a photojournalistic approach. I also like my images to be finished with realistic vivid colors and/or contrasty black-and-white treatments. I think these are classic treatments that won’t go out of style, and these go back to my photography-roots of working with color slides and BW press films.


Do you travel for weddings?

I have been able to get to several far-off places (remembering Greece, Taiwan, Rwanda, and Italy) and not-so-far off (thinking South Dakota, Colorado, Alabama, and NYC) with camera-in-hand for weddings and projects. Planning destination weddings pose their own set of challenges, but hiring a trusted photographer whose work you enjoy to accompany you takes a lot of guesswork out of finding someone local.

How do I choose a wedding photographer?

The best way is to meet them in person and experience an engagement session with them! You will be spending a majority of your wedding day with the photographer, so it is important that you feel comfortable and at home with their personality and working style (plus, you should be crazy about their portfolio!). Budgets and package contents can always be worked out, but the personal connection and trust will let your photographer capture all those great moments of your wedding day, without taking anything away from enjoying it.

Do you offer a Military Discount on wedding packages?

Yes! I am happy to offer a 10% Military Discount to active, reserve, and retired servicemen and women on signed wedding contracts.