Megan and Peter’s Wedding Gallery.

I have to hand it to Megan and Peter – pulling off a great wedding from across the United States is no easy feat! With their excellent choices of venues and cheery weather all weekend, we had many opportunities to play with the light and the scenery of Washington, DC. Megan’s stunning dress and sweet personality were matched with Peter’s good humor and can-do attitude through out the day, and we were able to knock out many more photos than I anticipated at St. Sophia’s Orthodox Church and the J.W. Marriott reception site (sparklers on the roof, WHAT?!). It only got better when we did the Day-After Portrait Shoot and got to take our time around the monuments and nearby parks. For me, Megan and Peter’s wedding was a reunion of sorts, since I was able to meet them through Chris and Allison Chase, whom I photographed about a year ago. It was just a pleasure photographing these two great people against the backdrop of D.C.!

Here is a link to Megan and Peter’s Complete Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site. 

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