Marcie and Rob’s Wedding Gallery.

The reception venue at Sequoia in Washington, DC? Check. An amazing church in Georgetown? Check. A nighttime shoot at the National Mall (after the wedding!)? Check. Then an underwater scuba shoot in a wedding dress and tux?…

What I love about Marcie and Rob is their intense chase of the adventure. They frequently go scuba diving in shark-infested waters, see far-off lands in their careers, and jumped onto every idea we came up during our wedding photography consultation. It was not hard for them to come up with a wedding plan that reflected their warm personalities and parts of their personal lives, even if it meant staying up after their wedding to photograph on the National Mall. Then we had the crazy idea to get them redressed in wedding garb and scuba gear, and hit the Blu Water Dive Center in Manassas a few days later. Yes, I had to get on learning about underwater photography, but they were so patient with me, and I am totally excited to produce work that reflects their love of the water and each other. Kudos to the happy couple!

Here is the link to Marcie and Rob’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

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  1. I have been for mos enjoying website for pics! Really. For MONTHS. We’re still planning a trip to see u & other sweet nieces & nephews of whom we’re SO proud. Love you guys,

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