Lauren and Joe’s Hotrod Wedding Gallery.

I count myself lucky to be a part of Lauren and Joe’s big day this past September: a good-looking couple, a hotrod, two (!) sweet Rottweilers, and a whole afternoon to make photos with Lauren and Joe. Also, it helped that I knew both of their families, and that made jumping into the photographs super-easy and relaxed. We started off with a shoot at their home in Gilbertsville, PA, with the pups and hotrod in their wooded backyard, and then moved onto the Copperfield Inn at Lakeside in Limerick for their reception for the formal shots and reception at this great venue. Bring on the dancing and cake, and I somehow convinced them to put on motorcycle helmets at the end of the reception, with the pinstriping designed by Joe. What?! So happy they went along with it, and if that’s any indication of their love for fun, I know they have great times together ahead.

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