Jordan and Christopher’s Wedding Gallery.

These two charming gents, a rustic glass-blowing factory, and a delight in amazing food = a fantastic Friday wedding with Jordan and Christopher! Taking place entirely at the Corradetti Glass-Blowing Studio in the northern part of Baltimore, we had the run of the place, with plenty of exposed brick walls and slanting autumn light. We also had the heat – but that was okay, since we got in plenty of portraits and family poses before the ceremony started. With family gathered close around on chairs and relaxed on stage, Jordan and Christopher made their vows known and smashed their glasses with enthusiasm and emotion. The studio stayed alight with all the amazing glass pieces and industrial kilns, and with some doughnut-cake-to-face smashing and putting the couple up on chairs during the hora dance, capturing the beginning of married life for these two was so much fun. Many good wishes ahead for Jordan and Christopher – Mazel Tov!

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