Jennifer and Steven’s Wedding Gallery.

After photographing both of these two getting into their wedding day best, Jen and Steve hold the record for the hottest first look (literally) – photographing through fire and smoke in a higher end restaurant closed-to-the-public was an incredible opportunity to create work. From there, we had fun stacking the wedding party together in the huge lobby of the Hilton McLean in Tyson’s Corner, VA, and a perfect setup for their wedding ceremony in the garden view atrium. Lots of green and natural light illuminated this bright couple’s celebration, and as we moved into the reception, it was clear the party was just starting. A highlight was the intensity of the bouquet toss (seen in the gallery below), and of course the bubble escape at the end to cap off the evening and send Jen and Steve off into their life together.

Here is the link to Jennifer and Steven’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

Lindsey and Tyrone’s Wedding Gallery.

Dang, this wedding was quite the celebration for Lindsey and Tyrone! From the super-colorful theme and a waterfront background and a really fun wedding party, everything came together for these two (and made for amazing photo opportunities!). I enjoy photographing at Harbour View since there are many great scenes so close to the venue, and the reception setup with uplighting and a fog-machine (!) made my job easy. Also, Tyrone’s antics getting the garter belt and Lindsey’s crew of bouquet grabbing bridesmaids was highly entertaining – which is certainly telling of what a fun-loving couple they are.

Here is a link to Lindsey and Tyrone’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

Janet and Justin’s Wedding Gallery.

It was such a pleasure photographing these two party-animals and all their friends! Janet and Justin had an excellent wedding day planned out, starting at the house and making the “getting ready” part a family affair. It was really refreshing to experience that closeness throughout the whole wedding day. The ceremony went down at the architecturally-pleasing St Peter’s Catholic Church in Waldorf, MD, with the reception following at the Potomac Ridge Golf Course. A surprise mariachi band hailed in the bride and groom, and after the dancing and toasts, we headed out into the slanting sunlight for their wedding portraits. I had such a great time in their company – and I advise you to get together with them soon!

Here is a link to Janet and Justin’s Wedding Gallery and Print Site.

Kerry and Walter’s Wedding Gallery.

When I think back to Kerry and Walter’s wedding (and look back over their photos!), it is hard not to get caught up in their excitement and anticipation for their wedding. I get goosebumps every time I see that photo of Walter catching the eye of Kerry at the front of the ceremony for the first time – WOAH, there’s no hiding the emotion! They remarked many times that they wanted their occasion to be “lots of people dressed up way too much to be having this much fun,” and there’s no arguing that point. Both Kerry and Walter had a tight group of friends surrounding them all night long and ran with every photo pose I had suggested. And yes, Walter partied so hard, his pants had a “wardrobe malfunction” and he switched out his slacks with a guest – that’s what friends are for. Cheers to the happy couple!

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Alyssa and Robert’s Wedding Gallery.


What a day! Great couples like Alyssa and Robert only deserve the best, and truly, their wedding and reception could not have gone better. Their church, St Clare’s of Assisi Catholic Church is tucked away in the woods in Clifton, VA, and I enjoyed the all of the natural light and views of trees in the windows instead of the stained glass. Certainly made for a beautiful atmosphere, and lent itself to a fun place to photograph the portraits after their ceremony. We made it on Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia and had plenty of time to get shots with the Potomac River and Officer’s Club in the background. After the rousing speeches and toasts, I enjoyed the fact that Alyssa and Robert put in TONS of dance time together, which made it easy to figure out who was the life of the party. Big wishes to the happy couple!

Here is the link to Alyssa and Roberts Wedding Print and Download Website.

Lindsey and Keyur’s Wedding Gallery.


What’s not to love about the four-day party Lindsey and Keyur threw for their wedding?! It was an amazing tour-de-force of events, delectable foods, dancing, pounding music, and warm smiles – all taking up the better part of the week and hitting Richmond and Haymarket, Virginia. With the wedding events starting on Wednesday, there was so much to photograph and people to meet, and more than a few people made sure I had gotten fed. Lindsey and Keyur had amazing weather every day, with just a bit of rain on the finale on Saturday, but that didn’t stop Keyur from riding the white horse into the ceremony or Lindsey and family throwing it all down on the dance floor. A touching speech from Lindsey’s father was especially memorable, as well as the hysterics that Keyur’s brother had everyone in during his toast. It is so telling of a couple and their families when the whole room is in laughter, as well as packing the dance floor until the very last call, even after four days of partying.

Here is a link to Lindsey and Keyur’s Wedding Full Gallery and Print Order Website.

Robin and Jose’s Wedding Gallery.

I knew right from our first meeting that Robin and Jose had that magic going on, and it certainly was not lacking on their big day at the Officer’s Club at Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia. With them both getting ready at the club, we had plenty of time to do a First Look out by the gazebo and photograph around the trees, coves, and views in and around the historic building. Even with it being a bit on the warm side, the weather was beautiful until *right* at the time where we needed to head inside after the ceremony – pretty much perfect in that regard! As we headed into the ceremony, the guests came to DANCE for sure (glowsticks, anyone??). And yes, that is Jose on top of the photo booth towards the end – gotta get that shot!

Here is the link to Robin and Jose’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Website.

The 2015 Trans-Sylvania Epic.

Looky, looky – it’s the 2015 Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic Stage Race! I can’t really think of anything better than spending a week outside, centered on riding a bicycle through the woods. It’s pretty much summer camp with all the hijinx and good people with a professional-level mountain bike race right through the middle of it. The racing was incredible in the front of the men’s and women’s fields, (with some podium switch-ups at the last stages!), and the group of U25 kids brought a crazy-good energy to the camp. No, the media team did not get a lot of sleep through the week, but we needed to make sure we got it all on camera and thrown into race reports to satiate our readers. There is lots of coverage and race reports all over the place on the interwebs, but a good place to start is the TSEpic Facebook Page.

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Here is the link to the galleries for all SEVEN STAGES (and TWO unofficial stages) – ENJOY: 2015 Trans-Sylvania Epic Print and Download Website Collection.

2015 Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo.

Ever since I heard about the Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo ride (no, that is not a wacky crazy typo), I knew it was something special. Between the feverish rush to get registered and the massive growth of the ride from 18 to 150 to 300ish people over three years, it has a reputation for being a hard 100 miles early on in the season, unless you’ve been riding through the winter <wink, wink>. It was a gorgeous and warm day, with bright sun all over the gravel roads in Northeast Pennsylvania, and to make matters better, the usual suspects from the mid-Atlantic region of cycling were present and in top form. Even some rode from Philadelphia and NYC to get to the ride (!). My only regret is not having the skills to ride a bike and take photos at the same time and experience the grind.

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