2015 Sly Fox Cyclocross Race.

Philadelphia, your cycling scene has yet to disappoint. Your people are so hard working so everyone else has the time of their lives racing their bikes and heckling the riders along the course. The Sly Fox Beer Cyclocross Race lasted all day with all the different classes throwing down, and with a shorter track and steeper run-up than most courses, I was certainly not alone in spectating and photographing. Sorry to be all brotherly-love over here, but I think we all lost our voices from cheering and came away winners after Sunday.

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2015 Iron Cross Race.

THE 2015 IRON CROSS RACE. Recently moved into the Williamsport, Pennsylvania venue, no one knew what to expect (except for promotor Mike Kuhn, the Outdoor Experience Organization‘s ringleader). This race is historically 100km/62mi with ups and downs for 7000ft of elevation, and should cause racers to regret whatever bike they brought, be it a mountain bike or a cyclocross bike, for the mixed trail and road surfaces. I had a great day out with THE Thom Parsons blasting through the beautiful backwoods scenery, trying to time the racers’ arrivals perfectly. The weather started off cold and stayed that way, and in Central PA tradition, started off sunny and ended with snow falling halfway through the race, even at Larry’s Tavern at the top of the run-up.

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Becky and Bill’s Wedding Gallery.

I love couples who grab a hold of their wedding day and make it their’s! Becky and Bill have a love of all things outdoors and wanted a venue that brought all their friends together for a party-in-the-woods (rather than a traditional wedding venue), and their vision nailed it. Shooting in the rustic cabins and lodges was a great mix, and with the falling autumn light throughout the ceremony and portrait shots, we had lots of opportunities to make great images. It was a lot of fun watching and photographing Bill as a constant source of entertainment for Becky through the evening, and it is easy to see their future full of good times together.

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Shelby and Adam’s Wedding Gallery.

Not even a hurricane can stop the party! Seriously though, with Joaquin bearing down and lots of out of town guests, Shelby and Adam were determined to make the best celebration of their wedding, and I just couldn’t believe the perfect timing we had to photograph outside. From the Duke Gardens to a historic train station nearby and gorgeous backgrounds throughout the Rickhouse distillery, we had so much material without getting rained on. Oh yeah – Shelby and Adam some of the warmest and most welcoming people I’ve known over the years, and I’m so jazzed that they ended up together. Their wedding was such much fun to shoot and edit, and I just know they have so many amazing times ahead.

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Jennifer and Steven’s Wedding Gallery.

After photographing both of these two getting into their wedding day best, Jen and Steve hold the record for the hottest first look (literally) – photographing through fire and smoke in a higher end restaurant closed-to-the-public was an incredible opportunity to create work. From there, we had fun stacking the wedding party together in the huge lobby of the Hilton McLean in Tyson’s Corner, VA, and a perfect setup for their wedding ceremony in the garden view atrium. Lots of green and natural light illuminated this bright couple’s celebration, and as we moved into the reception, it was clear the party was just starting. A highlight was the intensity of the bouquet toss (seen in the gallery below), and of course the bubble escape at the end to cap off the evening and send Jen and Steve off into their life together.

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Julie and Danny’s Wedding Gallery.

I loved being a part of Julie and Danny’s big day – lots of dress changes, different venues, a tea ceremony, and a huge reception meant a lot of moving parts to photograph and keep up with! Plus, we had just a bit of wedding-day-good-luck rain to work around, but that just meant we would have super-saturated colors and diffused lighting outside. The wedding venue at Heritage Huntis a favorite place of mine to work with all of the overhangs and porches for the portraits, and the China Garden for the reception that night had lots of happy people close in together to congratulate Julie and Danny. Favorite moment of the day: Danny’s reaction to seeing Julie come down the aisle (there were some tears for sure!). Congrats you two!

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Lindsey and Tyrone’s Wedding Gallery.

Dang, this wedding was quite the celebration for Lindsey and Tyrone! From the super-colorful theme and a waterfront background and a really fun wedding party, everything came together for these two (and made for amazing photo opportunities!). I enjoy photographing at Harbour View since there are many great scenes so close to the venue, and the reception setup with uplighting and a fog-machine (!) made my job easy. Also, Tyrone’s antics getting the garter belt and Lindsey’s crew of bouquet grabbing bridesmaids was highly entertaining – which is certainly telling of what a fun-loving couple they are.

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Janet and Justin’s Wedding Gallery.

It was such a pleasure photographing these two party-animals and all their friends! Janet and Justin had an excellent wedding day planned out, starting at the house and making the “getting ready” part a family affair. It was really refreshing to experience that closeness throughout the whole wedding day. The ceremony went down at the architecturally-pleasing St Peter’s Catholic Church in Waldorf, MD, with the reception following at the Potomac Ridge Golf Course. A surprise mariachi band hailed in the bride and groom, and after the dancing and toasts, we headed out into the slanting sunlight for their wedding portraits. I had such a great time in their company – and I advise you to get together with them soon!

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Kerry and Walter’s Wedding Gallery.

When I think back to Kerry and Walter’s wedding (and look back over their photos!), it is hard not to get caught up in their excitement and anticipation for their wedding. I get goosebumps every time I see that photo of Walter catching the eye of Kerry at the front of the ceremony for the first time – WOAH, there’s no hiding the emotion! They remarked many times that they wanted their occasion to be “lots of people dressed up way too much to be having this much fun,” and there’s no arguing that point. Both Kerry and Walter had a tight group of friends surrounding them all night long and ran with every photo pose I had suggested. And yes, Walter partied so hard, his pants had a “wardrobe malfunction” and he switched out his slacks with a guest – that’s what friends are for. Cheers to the happy couple!

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