Andie and Nate’s Wedding Gallery.

I don’t know quite how to start… There’s just so much goodness that Andie and Nate have going on, it’s hard to describe! From their two adorable pups to the fun prepping for the ceremony to the ‘wedding in a garden’, and finally to the gorgeous setting at the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, I couldn’t have imagined it go any better for the photography. Also, I knew the pressure was on because Andie and Nate have an appreciation for visual art and design, and since their wedding was full of color, architecture, and beautiful people, I needed to take some risks and get it right. As I began to edit their photos, I decided to let the colors run wild and push the compositions for their final collection, trying to capture that same energy and emotion in the processing as the capture. All that said, I know Andie and Nate were surrounded by huge, loving, fun group of people that Saturday night, and only the best is ahead for them.

Here is a link Andie and Nate’s Wedding Gallery and Print Site.

Britt and Clay’s Wedding Gallery.

These two, oh, these two – I’ve known Britt and Clay for ages, and both of them tend to fall into my short list of “Favorite People”. I was thrilled when I learned of their engagement, and even more so when I found out I had their wedding date open. From the beginning of the day, it was really special to see them hold hands before the ceremony, and then to have such a free and open way of declaring their vows outside and celebrating their new family of three truly reflected all of their personalities. They started off their marriage with a dance and watching the three of them have fun immediately made my night. Bring on the dancing, the guitar, a gorgeous sunset, local brew, and a campfire – Britt and Clay (and their man Serge) have so much to look forward to together.


Here is a link to Britt and Clay’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

Bike to the Beach 2014.

With a load of coffee and a crowd of highly spirited riders, the 3 AM wakeup call for the 2014 Bike to the Beach was not too bad! In sight of the Capitol, the 500+ rolled out with a police escort into the early morning rush hour, just in time to escape the madness and out into the gorgeous rural Maryland scenery. I got to catch them at several points along the morning route, and at the 25-mile mark, the riders got a trip across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in buses and continued on another 75-miles to Dewey Beach, Delaware, most making a weekend of it all. Unfortunately, I had to cut it short and head back to DC around noon, but next time, I plan on being on two wheels and leaving the camera at home.

Here is a link to the 2014 Bike to the Beach – please be kind and purchase any images you enjoy! 25% of my profits from these sales will go back to the Bike to the Beach event!

Lauren and Rob’s Wedding Gallery.

YES – these two! It’s all about Lauren and Rob (and their amazing dog!) on their wedding day. There are so many good things about these two, and it was just amazing to see the way they looked at each other during the First Look… It reminds me why I love photographing weddings so much! With a big entourage of a wedding party flung from New York City and (a little closer) Northern Virginia, Lauren and Rob’s wedding ceremony was surrounded by a huge crowd of loving family and friends outside at the Bull Run Golf Club in Haymarket, VA. The weather cooperated until just after the formal photographs, where we headed into the cocktail hour and reception for the rousing Best Man’s toast (The Committee of Good Living, anyone?). I know these two have so much to look forward to in CA and beyond.


Here is the link to Lauren and Rob’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

Karolina and Andrzej’s Wedding Gallery.

Appreciation for the traditional. Honey mead. Bicycles. Poetry. The value of friends and family. Thinking back on Karolina and Andrzej’s wedding brought all of these things to mind as I presented their wedding photographs to them. I just think they have the whole package going for them – their wedding took place at a traditional winery operated by Andrzej and his father (The Orchid Cellar) and which produces award winning honey mead from ancient recipes. Set against the gorgeous hillside and in front of a handmade vine arbor, they made their wedding vows to each other as friends and family interspersed readings and good thoughts through the ceremony. And after a nice walk through the vineyard for some amazing photograph opportunities, we settled into a great reception of speeches, vodka toasts and mead pours, and the Dapper DJs slinging vinyl (on wind-up turntables!) to keep the dance floor moving. It was easy to see – these two are well loved by their friends and family, and have lots of happy times ahead.

Here is the link to Karolina and Andrzej’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

2014 Ramsey’s Revenge MTB Race.

Making a big splash this year in the mountain bike race scene is RAMSEY’S REVENGE (very intimidating title, I know). Let me tell you, it was FAST, furious, and a very unique place to shoot. Rolling farm hillsides, tight grown-in single track, and the Brandywine River all were fantastic to shoot against with the bright sun and fluffy clouds. The usual repeat offender racers were there in force, and it’s always nice to see those friendly and overheated people out on the course. The fields were especially fun to shoot at high-speed, and really, it was a great event worth racing.

Here is a link to the complete collection of images for download and purchase:

The 2014 Ramsey’s Revenge Mountain Bike Race Collection Website.

The 2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic MTB Stage Race.

The Trans-Sylvania Epic has grown every year in size and scope – bigger is better, yes?! The women’s fields was stacked high with talent like Mary McConneloug, Selene Yeager, and Vicki Barclay, and the men’s field had defending champ Justin Lindine, with Jeremish Bishop, Aaron Snyder, Drew Edsall, and Spencer Spaxson gunning for the title. The week was filled with thrills and spills, and it was amazing to be a part of the talented media team documenting as much as we could, including Vertical Sandbox Productions, Devon Balet Media, and Harris Dunlap Photography running around the course. 16-hour days for a week straight kept us busy, but as Harris says, it’s the best week of work all year.

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So without further ado, here are the galleries:

2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 1

2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 2

2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 3

2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 4

2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 5

2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 6

2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 7

2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 8

Bobbie and Teresa’s Wedding Gallery.

These two kids in love made my job so easy – Bobbie and Teresa had a splendid day for their wedding ceremony, and it was tough for either of them to hide their feelings. At the Harbour View venue in Woodbridge, Virginia, they enjoyed a background of boats and water during the ceremony, and we had full access to the docks for their family portraits. However, their first look was probably the most emotional part of it for me – Bobbie was floored by his soon-to-be wife. An exuberant reception followed with many groups of friends colliding together on the dance floor and posing for sunset photos; people like this truly deserve all the goodness in life.

Here is a link to Bobbie and Teresa’s Wedding Complete Gallery and Print Order Website.

Irene and Greg’s Engagement Session.


Irene and Greg! I cannot be happier for these two lovebirds – and even better, they are great friends that go back many years, and I am thrilled to be their wedding photographer coming up in just a few months (ahem – the location of the wedding will be OCEANS away from  Washington, D.C.!). However, for their engagement photographs, we needed to come up with a theme that was ‘very much D.C.’ in order to celebrate the beginnings of their relationship. Our locations included an early morning walk though the Navy Yard in SE, matched with a few poses near the Capitol Building, and ended up using the gorgeous afternoon light at the end of the Cherry Blossom Fesitival near the Tidal Basin. Iconic, colorful, and timeless were the ideas I came to the table with, as Irene and Greg are the classiest couple I have the pleasure of knowing and photographing.



2014 I.I.G.O. Mountain Bike Relay of the Multiverse.

<Deep Breath>… At the “2014 Lupine’s International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain Bike Relay of the Multiverse presented by Stan’s NoTubes in Marysville, Pennsylvania” by the Outdoor Experience Organization, I finally got to put down the camera, swing a leg over a mountain bike, and strap on a number plate… and it was glorious. I have to say, if you haven’t been to this event yet, I think it is what mountain bike racing should be. Out in the backyard with 400 friends, professional-wrestling-style tagging-in-tagging-out, and people in costume taking the race very seriously. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and just wish we had more time out there… Anyway, bring on the log-overs, some mountain bike biathlon (yes, I do see a future here), and Evil Evel Knievel blasting single-track and a brewski. So enough talking – let’s see some photos.

Here is a link to the 2014 I.I.GO Mountain Bike Relay of the Multiverse.

2014 Tuscarora Off-Road Weekend: Marathon XC.

One of my favorite races to photograph, the Tuscarora Off-Road Weekend: Marathon XC in Blain, PA, delivered the goods again. 1000′ of Climbing + Six Miles each Lap + Four Hours + More Rocks than AC/DC’s Hits = A Dang Good Time. This year, the weather cooperated a bit more, being above freezing and not having massive snowmelt and rivers of muddy goodness between the rock gardens. Albeit less ‘epic’ conditions and Zach (Fast Forward Racing Productions) did a lot of dirt shoveling to make the rock gardens somewhat more rideable, there was still so much to photograph and enjoy on a bicycle on this early season opener.

Here is the complete collection and print order site for the 2014 Tuscarora Off-Road Weekend.

*If you don’t see yourself, let me know, and I will see if I can track you down! Also, images are available for licensing.*

Janna and Tom’s Wedding Gallery.

As Tom and Janna talked about their wedding (and I got to see their fun chemistry in their engagement session!), I knew I was in for a great time as a photographer. We had excellent weather all day with bright sunlight coming into the church, which made the candid photos of the ceremony and posed portraits with the families a breeze to photograph, and the best part for me was getting to the Manassas Battlefield in Virginia not too far away. The slanting daylight and endless fields of high grass with historic fences made for a fantastic setting to photograph the wedding party in (including the “let’s-put-Janna-on-Tom’s-shoulders” shots – hilarious!). The reception that followed was highlighted by a wall-art photobooth for the guests and one of the best cake smashes ever.

For the friends and family, here is the Complete Collection of Janna and Tom’s Wedding Gallery Website.