Kerry & Walter (and Tiberius)’s Engagement Gallery.

There’s nothing like spending a gorgeous afternoon in the park with a great couple, their pup, and a camera in hand! Kerry and Walter brought me on to photograph their wedding next year, and asked if I minded if we did the photos with Ti, their large and in-charge dog… No way did I mind, “Let’s make it happen!” Even the name “Tiberius” carries authority! We ended up catching the Golden Hour at the Meridian Hill Park in NW DC, and having the huge drum circle going at the terrace above us definitely brought the energy and the crowds. The waterfall, fountains, and stairways never disappoint for posing options. Can’t wait until their wedding next August!

Jenny and Andy’s Wedding Gallery.


Jenny and Andy have to be the two nicest people I have ever met – seriously, it was so amazing watching these two tie the knot under the bright blue skies and gorgeous vineyard setting at the Bluemont Vineyards and Winery in Virginia! Their wedding party had so much positive energy and a well-timed silly side that brought the ‘party’ to the ‘party’. Jenny and Andy opted to do a First Look, and we followed up that with as much of the family photos as we could before the ceremony. I mean, the cocktail hour was especially fun to shoot under the golden hour of light, and as we moved into the reception time, the lighting and decorating of the winery made it so easy to photograph – plus, EVERYONE was throwing it down on the dance floor, so it was tough to not get swept up into the celebration. The sparklers were brought out to send these two lovebirds off to Hawaii – what a great night!

Here is a link to Jenny and Andy’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

Bekah and Matt’s Wedding Gallery.

I KNEW I would be in for treat with Bekah and Matt’s wedding… I’ve had the great opportunity to photograph Bekah’s lively family before at weddings, and their wedding would be no different! With their intricate and traditional Orthodox ceremony at the St. John Chrysostom Church in York, PA, the big window light brought life and detail into the front altar and the crowd of wedding guests. We photographed much of the family in this setting in front of the golden iconography and decorated altar area, and saved Bekah and Matt’s portraits for the gardens at the Swiss Woods Inn Bed and Breakfast in Lititz, PA. And yes, we could have been in Switzerland, it was so scenic! But do check out the second half of the photos in my collection – the reception was an absolute party. Dancing, craft brew, dancing, wedding pie, dancing, whiskey, dancing… All so good for a wedding celebration, and I know Bekah and Matt wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here is a link to Bekah and Matt’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

Jennifer and Jay’s Wedding Gallery.

I really loved editing this HUGE wedding (in size AND in celebration) – I knew there would be so many hidden moments since the day seemed to go by so quickly for me. Jennifer looked amazing from the beginning, where we got some fun photos of her and the bridesmaids getting prepped and primed, and Jay was a great host to all of the wedding guests as they arrived at the church. The grandness of the church and the very traditional wedding ceremony led to some very detail-saturated images, and we ended up catching one of my favorite wedding party photos – bring on the tornado of bubbles! Yes, we dealt with the rain and drizzle, but Jennifer and Jay didn’t let anything get them down that day. The reception was full of life and color and dancing – and putting the bride and groom up on chairs, certainly one of my favorite series from the evening. And I was super-happy that we pulled off the sparkler shot… ;D Cheers to Jennifer and Jay!

Here is the link to Jennifer and Jay’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

2014 Summer Destination: Greece.

Along with our two friends Irene and Greg getting married in Greece in August, Nina and I decided to make a trip around their wedding to the far-off lands of southern Europe! It was our first time in Greece, and Nina’s first time in Europe – needless to say, we had a few things on our agenda. 1) Find the good food. 2) Find the GREAT food. 3) See the sights and the ruins of the birthplace of democracy. 4) Find the AMAZING food! All that said, we made our way through Athens, seeing the Acropolis and hiking up Lycabettus Hill (little known attraction compared to the islands, but a must-do!) for the sunset, and then headed down to Petalidi along the south-western coast of Greece.

We were greeted by a group of excellent hosts and townspeople, always friendly and helpful especially when it came to navigating the town and the restaurants’ menus. We spent a lot of time with the visiting friends and families of Irene and Greg, and we shared mucho ouzo on the terrace overlook of our hosts’ house. The wedding came and went by so fast, and we found ourselves recovering on one of the nearby beaches for the next few days, with a quick jaunt to the ancient Polilimnio Waterfalls for a swim in the shockingly cold water. Athens welcomed us back for a few days, seeing the ruins and the original Olympic Stadium. HUGE.

So as a photographer in a very new and very foreign (and already highly photographed) place, I wanted to create images that not only took a small amount of time/equipment and were different from most of what I had seen. And I wanted to stay engaged to the place, not be burdened with lots of equipment and spending a terrible amount of time making photos. You’ll see a mix of techniques and lenses and lighting – all of which will somehow filter into how I document weddings and events. It was fun and challenging to keep the gear simplified and the results different.

And yeah, the food was incredible. Ask for the sardines and the grilled seafood and the cucumber/tomato/feta salad and the figs and the lamb… I could go on and on, but I will let the photos take it from here. So my advice for Greece: GET THERE. You won’t want to come back.

Irene and Greg’s Destination Wedding Gallery.

Set against the shore town of Petalidi, Greece, with the truly beautiful Mediterranean Sea in sight, Irene and Greg had it all for their wedding! With many of their friends and family making the trip to the far off land from America, Irene and Greg fashioned a fantastic storyline for their wedding day and enjoyment of the guests. The church was set in the middle of the town square and was wrought with traditions and colors and light that spoke to the beauty and specialness of marriage. And as their photographer, Irene prepared me to keep partying, dancing, and rolling like the Grecians until 6AM for their reception… Oh yes, we made it until 4AM, with a diet mostly consisting of delicious lamb, feta, spinach, and baklava. Ohh, the baklava… Believe me, the next day’s relaxation on the beach was well earned for everyone. Cheers to the happy couple!

Here is the link for Irene and Greg’s Destination Wedding in Greece Gallery.