2015 Crystal City Wednesday Night Spin Series #3.

BOOM. #3 of the Crystal City BID Wednesday Night Spins Series. Looks like fields are filling up and more people are sticking around to watch the other fields race-their-rides/ride-their-races. With goodman Bruce Buckley providing the great shots of the evening for all the fields, I took a step back to work with remotes, off-camera-flashes, and some detached lens majick-tricks. That said, this week’s collection doesn’t have everyone or all the fields pictured, as I have a future project in mind for the photos…

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2015 Crystal City Wednesday Night Spin Series #2.

And here we are again! Just from the amount of smiling (and some in-the-pain-cave) faces, there was DOUBLE the amount of riders and spectators last night at the Crystal City Wednesday Night Spin Series #2! Congrats to the night’s winners, as I think everyone received a delicious Acme Pie of their choice and some bonus date-night cash. And much respect to everyone out there – I think the crowds made everything a little bit tougher to navigate the course, but just about every race had stiff competition.

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2015 Crystal City Wednesday Night Spin Series #1.

Six more weeks of winter or whatever?! Pssshh… I think everyone on the north/east coast has been stir-crazy and trainer-tired, giving anything to get a ride in… But fret not! The good fellas and ladies at In The Crosshairs pulled together a weekly Wednesday night series in the basement level parking garage at 2345 Crystal City Drive called the Crystal City Wednesday Night Spin! Yeah – let me plug this a bit: Spectator friendly racing, beer/wine garden, pie/cookie vendor, good people, a roof over your head, riders turning themselves inside-out… AND NO SNOW. Get there next week at 6PM-ish to catch the first heats.

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Nesma and Hristo’s Wedding Gallery.

What a gorgeous post-Christmas and winter wedding day for these two – Nesma and Hristo! I have had the pleasure of knowing Nesma and her family for more than a few years, and I count myself lucky to spend their day with them, camera in hand. With a big start at Nesma’s family’s house (I really enjoy her portrait in the living room!), we headed to the ornate St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Bethlehem, PA for an afternoon ceremony. We enjoyed the waning daylight outside for a few portraits, but the real magic was at Bear Creek Mountain Resort for a longer session in view of the lit ski slopes and Christmas decorations. Hristo and Nesma braved the cold for a few shots on the industrial-looking steps right outside the reception, and I just had a great time working the camera with so many traditional dances and wedding guests celebrating this warm couple. Congrats to the new bride and groom!

Here is the link to Nesma and Hristo’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

2014 Bikeneticx Cyclocross Race.

I just couldn’t not get to this race, pretty much in my backyard in Occoquan, Virginia! The Bikeneticx Cyclocross course was fast and freaky with some rooty climbs and big open grass areas. I decided I wanted to shoot this rather than ride, and with Ty Long of No Film Photography fame covering the race, I decided to try some non-traditional capture techniques… I’ve been using this technique for a while, and I think what I enjoy most is the inability to recreate any one image or composition with similar flare and focus. They look WAY better printed than on the computer screen, as these are the types of race photos I end up printing for myself. Eventually, I will start introducing these into engagement sessions and eventually weddings, but to me, it’s pretty risky to bring a totally new look and tempo of shooting.

Here is the link to the full gallery, and I definitely appreciate any purchases you make, and please tag www.aelandesphotography.com on shared images with the watermark – thanks! 2014 Bikeneticx Cyclocross Race Gallery and Print Order Site.

Charles’ Family Photo Session.

Who’s the big guy now?! Mr. Charles and his adoring parents spent the afternoon with me wandering about the scenic Meadowlark Gardens, in Vienna, Virginia for a family session. We struck it lucky with a warm spell, and even though we are in the late fall season, I knew that we could get brightness and warmth in the expressions and interactions, especially with the intention to use tighter compositions of the family for their holiday cards. We worked hard to get Charles smiling, but in the end, he just loved watching the camera and getting smooches from mom and dad.

2014 Destination: Taiwan.

After a year of planning out the itinerary, Nina and I (and her mum!) took the opportunity to visit our relatives on the other side of the world – seriously, it’s exactly 12 hours ahead of us. We started in the capital city of Taipei, enjoying many a good eats around the city and seeing the must-sees, including the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial, the astounding Geological Park, and various night markets for specialty food. Then we headed south to Taixi to visit with the family and see the sights of rural Taiwan – include amazing seafood, the Sun Moon Lake area, and a coffee festival (!!!) for extra points. We then ended up over in the Hualien area and experienced the Taroko Gorge. AMAZING. Big clouds and fog added to the diving valleys and soaring mountains, and is definitely a place to experience firsthand. The trip was an amazing two weeks of easy travel and good times, and Taiwan should be on the list for anyone looking to experience Asia.

Theresa and Richard’s Wedding Gallery.

Know what was amazing? Being the only witness to Theresa and Richard’s intimate wedding and signing their certificate – even I was nervous, and my signature on their document definitely had some hand-shake to it. These two have some great plans ahead, and their approach to their courthouse wedding had all the tasty fixings to make it completely theirs. Theresa came prepared with a satchel of keepsakes from her family members, and Richard brought the great commentary keeping his new lady laughing the whole time. It was so easy to photograph them around the Jefferson and Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., and I know they will have a blast for their real wedding party coming up later next year.

Camille and TJ’s Wedding Gallery.

Camille and TJ! What a perfect wedding to bring the the fall wedding season to a close. When I was editing their wedding photographs, I see two excited, fun-loving, and positive people who just wanted everyone to have a great time and throw-down on the dance floor. I just couldn’t help keeping the photos from being colorful and bright to reflect their personalities… Their wedding day hit several great spots in Leesburg, Virginia, starting off at the Landsdowne Resort, the ceremony at St John the Apostle Catholic Church, and ending up for a sunset reception start at the gorgeous Whitehall Manor in Bluemont, VA. The three of us spent some time exploring the different barns and fields around the manor as the sun did amazing lighting work. And it didn’t take long to get the reception party started (*cue the steel drum player!*), with some great dancing and reception photos filling up their collection. I hope the photos capture Camille and TJ at their finest – congrats!

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