2014 I.I.G.O. Mountain Bike Relay of the Multiverse.

<Deep Breath>… At the “2014 Lupine’s International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain Bike Relay of the Multiverse presented by Stan’s NoTubes in Marysville, Pennsylvania” by the Outdoor Experience Organization, I finally got to put down the camera, swing a leg over a mountain bike, and strap on a number plate… and it was glorious. I have to say, if you haven’t been to this event yet, I think it is what mountain bike racing should be. Out in the backyard with 400 friends, professional-wrestling-style tagging-in-tagging-out, and people in costume taking the race very seriously. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and just wish we had more time out there… Anyway, bring on the log-overs, some mountain bike biathlon (yes, I do see a future here), and Evil Evel Knievel blasting single-track and a brewski. So enough talking – let’s see some photos.

Here is a link to the 2014 I.I.GO Mountain Bike Relay of the Multiverse.

2014 Tuscarora Off-Road Weekend: Marathon XC.

One of my favorite races to photograph, the Tuscarora Off-Road Weekend: Marathon XC in Blain, PA, delivered the goods again. 1000′ of Climbing + Six Miles each Lap + Four Hours + More Rocks than AC/DC’s Hits = A Dang Good Time. This year, the weather cooperated a bit more, being above freezing and not having massive snowmelt and rivers of muddy goodness between the rock gardens. Albeit less ‘epic’ conditions and Zach (Fast Forward Racing Productions) did a lot of dirt shoveling to make the rock gardens somewhat more rideable, there was still so much to photograph and enjoy on a bicycle on this early season opener.

Here is the complete collection and print order site for the 2014 Tuscarora Off-Road Weekend.

*If you don’t see yourself, let me know, and I will see if I can track you down! Also, images are available for licensing.*

Janna and Tom’s Wedding Gallery.

As Tom and Janna talked about their wedding (and I got to see their fun chemistry in their engagement session!), I knew I was in for a great time as a photographer. We had excellent weather all day with bright sunlight coming into the church, which made the candid photos of the ceremony and posed portraits with the families a breeze to photograph, and the best part for me was getting to the Manassas Battlefield in Virginia not too far away. The slanting daylight and endless fields of high grass with historic fences made for a fantastic setting to photograph the wedding party in (including the “let’s-put-Janna-on-Tom’s-shoulders” shots – hilarious!). The reception that followed was highlighted by a wall-art photobooth for the guests and one of the best cake smashes ever.

For the friends and family, here is the Complete Collection of Janna and Tom’s Wedding Gallery Website.

SSCXWC’13 / Junkyard ‘Cross Galleries.

Grab a cold one and sit-down for the ride – SSCXWC finally hit Philadelphia this past Sunday, teaming up on the infamous Bilenky Junkyard ‘Cross Race on Saturday to make Monday a one-two punch of reality. Single-Speed-Cyclocross-World-Championships (SSCXWC) has been on the minds and hearts of the Philly cycling scenesters for the past two years, and no disappointments here: voices were lost, Rocky steps hiked, Belgians arrived, epic crashing and racing through the Bilenky Junkyard, and a perfectly timed snowstorm on the final showdown on Sunday… And the highlight for many was the Tunnel of Brotherly Love dousing the racers in noise and beverage hand-ups as they crested Parachute Hill. If you’re still reading… heck, just check out the utter madness for yourself:

Link to the Pre-Partay and Bilenky Junkyard Cross Race Gallery.

Link to the SSCXWC’13 Race and Post-Partay Gallery.



Megan and Peter’s Wedding Gallery.

I have to hand it to Megan and Peter – pulling off a great wedding from across the United States is no easy feat! With their excellent choices of venues and cheery weather all weekend, we had many opportunities to play with the light and the scenery of Washington, DC. Megan’s stunning dress and sweet personality were matched with Peter’s good humor and can-do attitude through out the day, and we were able to knock out many more photos than I anticipated at St. Sophia’s Orthodox Church and the J.W. Marriott reception site (sparklers on the roof, WHAT?!). It only got better when we did the Day-After Portrait Shoot and got to take our time around the monuments and nearby parks. For me, Megan and Peter’s wedding was a reunion of sorts, since I was able to meet them through Chris and Allison Chase, whom I photographed about a year ago. It was just a pleasure photographing these two great people against the backdrop of D.C.!

Here is a link to Megan and Peter’s Complete Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site. 

Jen and Aaron’s Wedding Gallery.

You may recognize this bride-and-groom from my work at the Trans-Sylvania Epic and Pennsylvania mountain bike races, but this time around, they decided to get all dressed up and throw a wedding! Jen and Aaron picked out the fantastic Barn on Bridge in Collegeville, PA to have the festivities. With a bit of a chill in the air, we set up the First Look on the antique bridge across the road and had exceptional sunlight through the posed photographs across the fields. The lighting in the Barn and Reception site was a joy and a challenge (what I enjoy most is directional lighting and lots of layers of stairs and barn beams to photograph through). It was so great to see these two finally tie the knot – and I don’t think anyone has seen Aaron so happier than on his wedding day with Jen. Bring on the big-time cycling crowd, throw-down some dancing, and smash the cake – we got ourselves a party.

Here is the link to Jen and Aaron’s Complete Gallery and Print Order Site.

Jayme and RJ’s Wedding Gallery.

I was thrilled when Jayme and RJ asked me to photograph their wedding – I knew stops would be pulled and good times would be had! Not only are they our neighbors in Northern Virginia, but we have become good friends since meeting. And yes, I even took RJ out for a MTB ride about a week before his wedding (thinking the whole time, Jayme would do more than knock my knees if RJ takes a dive!).  The wedding venue and reception site are worth seeing in person – The Jefferson Hotel is a destination spot for many people to Richmond, and the Monumental Church, though plain and minimal, has intrinsic beauty that hosted their ceremony perfectly. Throw in some rowdy and dance-driven wedding guests, and we have a party. Congrats, you two!

To see more and get to the print and download website, see Jayme and RJ’s Wedding Gallery and Print Page.

Dana and Steve’s Wedding Gallery.


Just north of Pittsburgh, Dana and Steve hit the jackpot of weddings as far as I am concerned. Yes, there was rain, and yes, the ceremony was moved inside and then back out again, but the amazing crowd that showed up to celebrate their marriage came dressed and ready to party. Dana and Steve elected to do a First Look before the celebrations started, and we staged that along with the group photos along the gorgeous farmland in front of the the Fieldstone Barn Venue at Armstrong Farms. And after the sweet ceremony and the night went on, the costumes and bear hugging became commonplace, and a paper lantern launch came out for the party people after the reception. Pirate Steve and Dancing Dana made my wedding season – enjoy the photos!


To see all the photos and order prints, here is the link to Dana and Steve’s Wedding Gallery and Order Site.

Iron Cross Race 2013.

IRON CROSS XI 2013. One of my favorite events of the year! Next to the Trans-Sylvania Epic, this is probably one of the most challenging (but do-able!) events on a bicycle that you can participate in. While most cyclocross races have you on a little track at a local park, this sends you up and down some big climbs through Michaux State Forest, walking up a big powerline trail, over hill and dale, and screaming down back roads – for 68ish miles. It’s a heck of a great time and draws some big and diverse crowds across the bike racing scene.

Here is the link to HUGE Gallery from Iron Cross XI 2013.

Stephanie and Alex’s Wedding Gallery.

Nothing like photographing old college friends (who met their fantastic partners in crime) at their weddings… I knew Alex from our days at Penn State and working the Cycling Club there, and coincidently, his new wife is equally as charming and fun to be around. Taking place at the Washington Crossing Inn in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we couldn’t have asked for better weather or setting for their outdoor ceremony and portrait shoot. I thoroughly enjoyed Alex’s gasp as he saw Steph for the first time in her wedding dress coming down the aisle, as well as our special portrait session by the Delaware River with their party-people wedding party. The night was topped off with a great reception and fantastic venue lighting.

Here is a link to view Stephanie and Alex’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

Miriam and Tony’s Wedding Gallery.

Yes, Miriam and Tony! I travel anywhere for weddings, including Leeds, Alabama in August – these two made it worth the trip! What can I say? The setting was a gorgeous farmstead with a lit patio and walkway down to the stone ceremony site, perfect for Tony and Miriam and their off-the-hook reception. We did the First Look and Family Portrait session ahead of the ceremony, because let me tell you, once we finished the sweet ceremony, the party was ON. Whiskey tasting and a cigar bar with a great DJ and a crowd that likes to dance – this could have gone all night. However, one of the highlights for me was the Get-Away – a vintage Rolls-Royce and Tony and company yelling the school fight song – doesn’t get any better.

Here is a link to Miriam and Tony’s Wedding Gallery and Print Order Site.

Arija and Andy’s Wedding Gallery.

Arija and Andy – I knew these two would be a great time at their wedding! During our engagement session, I loved watching Arija getting a rise out of Andy as we stopped at different locations special to them throughout Washington, DC. For their wedding however, they picked the historical Meridian House, which is an estate in the middle of DC, filled with gardens, statues, brick walls, and staircases – so many places to photograph. Every direction seemed to have a magical backdrop, and despite the heat of the day, I really think we made the best use of everything going on there. And from Andy’s touching speech about his dad and Arija stopping me to say “This is the best day of my life!”, I hope the photos bring back all the memories and great moments they enjoyed that day.

Here is a link to Arija and Andy’s Wedding Photography Gallery and Print Order Site.