2013 Greenbrier Challenge.

Let me just say, I freakin’ love spring. Yeah, it was cold all day long, but the sun was out, run-off was making the trail stickier and stickier, and a llllaaaarrrrgge amount of mountain bikers were out at Greenbrier Challenge MTB this Sunday. Last year, I assumed the Greenbrier course was, um, not *that* bad… But this time around, I finally made it over to the climb(s), and it all made sense. The big flat ridge and downhill blaster are the payoff for a series of gut-busting, rocky climbs out of the valley. It was also delightful to see many cheery and familiar faces – surprisingly, a few crazy ladies I had seen at a wedding the night before were out rolling the course (and yeah, I think we all might have needed just a few extra hours of shut-eye).

This one’s a doozy of a collection – again, if you don’t see yourself, send me an email and I will see what I can find! Check out the 2013 Greenbrier MTB Gallery.

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